The Flux Capacitor

by Spackle

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everybody wants success i won't give up or be a failure. i won't end up like my father spineless loser kiss ass coward. then there's the girl and i will never leave. she's my only friend and she believes in me. someday we'll wed grow old together. the love we share will last forever. i found you at the mall your lifelong dream is coming true. history will be changed for good. but you stole from the third world to get your fuel for a cause science over laws. they found out the terrorists are here for you should have known you can't hide this for long. no escape acceleration breaks me through collide through the door i'm alive, i'm alive. i find it hard to accept what i see it's all out of place and dated. i'm an alien to you. you only judge by what you see it's a lie to believe were unique. out of fuel i guess i'll walk the entire way nothing here but the cars and this road. what's ahead? it doesn't look quite from the view of the land i believe i'm lost, i'm fucking lost.
lights turn green and i'm on the go. flying molecules they're the navigator, and you're my star. heading north to the last pole. it's magnetized, disintegrated. but i can't stop. isotopes are burning.
the nucleus of the lift off, lift off. escalation of a race cut to the chase. i know i seek i know i breed violence, violence. open up your rusted doors to let the sun come in to burn you.
II: you can sit there ashamed, it's just all right by you. just pretend you are strong, you'll find that it suits you. i've come all this way confidence not shame. go up and take a risk, rejection is your proof. make yourself relax, and don't ask what to do. i've come all this way confidence not shame. here's your change to shine, the hero beats the fool. you conquered all your fears, your true light shining through. i've come all this way confidence not shame. now it seems you'll be fine. you're with me waste no time. i forever relive this night. frozen still under dance floor light. everyone that i know now depends on this. the other world that i love and all the things that i miss. everything that i touch every breath that i breathe doesn't really belong merely runs through me. III: i can see by the way you watch me i've never felt this before. but you know i'll always think of your blindness as if you weren't looking at all. the letter is part of the process so make a decision to see more. the future is tough and gnarled but you can never tell for sure... with everything in the world that you want for me. ride the light full wattage, break into the other world. you know i'll always dream of the lions, the lions you tamed and controlled. hang your heart on the hands of the clock and thank the stars for gravity's pull. it's expected like tomorrow, always expect a little bit more... with everything in the world that you want for me.
september haul across the plains. motel ice ohio rains. pulled up at noon with no one home. so desolate in buffalo. let me sleep on your floor just one night and then i'll go. left my wet shoes on her back porch. never go to buffalo. come a ridin' to the burbclaves. you don't fit in so you waste away. in other words you're dead and gone. in other words get the hell lost. if you hang on i'll get my belongings blow this burg start a whole new highway. westward bound i could love your hometown. teach me to love and i'll teach you to slow down and ride this thought. be the one. sing this song. let it rock.
there goes another one i wasted so much time. it used to be that time was all i had. so now i'm tired of killing myself with cigarettes and beer. the only way up is through the stratosphere. pillow received my head as a bank of lights filled the room. all my limbs were glued to the bed i tried to scream but my mouth wouldn't move. you look so human to me you must be everything that i want. i'm starving on your world and i will never stop... from my brain to my mouth i no longer need to decipher. inner thoughts read aloud by fiber optic cloud. by all means use your tractor beam and suck me up into the hull. there's nothing left for me here now and no one will know that i'm gone. communication lines are cleared you and i can speak from soul to soul. i haven't yet evolved to your depth but i will make it so... from my brain to my mouth i no longer need to decipher. inner thoughts read aloud by fiber optic cloud. i am the foreign one here i am the UFO. you are the only one that looks anything like home. maybe that's why on earth i couldn't belong.
nothing left to do here vital sings have failed to respond. but from his peaceful smile it looks as if he wanted this all along. if someone around him knew that we was weakened then this may not have come. body lies beneath me rising up through ceiling beams. out into the darkness looks like only one star remains. as i float towards it i feel the warmth of freedom. i hope that you found yours. i can't believe what's happened you're standing so close. i made it here to join you and join our souls. so wrap your arms around me and feel us grow, feel us grow. turn your eyes towards it and feel the glow. rise and shine before it and don't let go. these two hearts connected they can't be broke, can't be broke.


Concept album about Back to the Future with other songs of the time mixed in.


released June 1, 1996

Recording engineer: Steve Folta

Andrew Lund: guitars, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
Ian Swanke: guitars, guitar synth, backing vocals
Scot Callis: drums
Will Dyer: bass guitar, backing vocals

(C)(P)1996 Carpal Tunnel Music (BMI)


all rights reserved



Spackle San Francisco, California

Formed in San Francisco in 1992 by Andrew Lund and Ian Swanke. Scot Callis played drums thru 1996, then Matt Ashleigh took over. Will Dyer joined on bass in 1994 and played on all recordings. The band dissolved in 1997.

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