Way Beyond Fucked ep

by Spackle

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Hollow Point 07:31
explosions all around reflecting off the sound. there's nothing i want more than to have this night last forever. but when i turned away abduction of the only thing i ever... cut down in your prime no one lives who watched you die. echos of your voice travel through this empty house. i can't replace your life with anything on this earth. lock and load revenge hollow point will seek and strike with vengeance. clearer now with bloodied hands i bathe myself alone i stand. i'll die a thousand times before i am at your side. empty thoughts pierced by hollow points. they took our dreams and killed their voice. and i'll crawl my way back home but you won't be awake. and i'll stall my way back home but there won't be a wake.
i tried civilized but nothing came, words that i have spoke mis-communicate. you have synthesized your inner feelings, and you've jeopardized future dreams. from now on i'll be safe and sound on screen. human voice removed whispers now can scream. hi-tech encoded life is killing me, you still can't understand what i really mean. i thought simplified could express my hurt, but now i'm trying to speak with a mouthful of dirt. i long to be drunk in your arms human once again until we end. to use my voice as it was meant to sing into your soul complete and whole.
River's Bed 02:54
if all we ever need to feel is safe and no one feels the need to give away. what's the point in speaking anyway? when no one really cares for what you say. if i could waste the time to reveal the "i don't knows" i would surely make them mine. nothing clears your head more than when you are alone by allowing your designs to come up and take notice not everything is right before us. hidden in the undergrowth is your own soul that you've missed all this time. keep in mind that just because you feel a minor pull doesn't mean that you've declined. everyone feels this eternal loneliness that can only be described as having your insides torn out for you to stare at. deep inside you lies the answer to the things you couldn't ask 'til now. if everyone could feel just like you, never have to ask for a thing, like now. taking second thoughts to guide you, will only lead your true self astray, like now, you resort. i woke up made my head come into clear view no more sightless. i can't search the whole world for the loudest call underneath your plate you are rusting away. i see you reflecting my own face and you are chrome plate but it's not too late. i could waste a lifetime telling you about a love i'll never have. calm back down you're in charge take my hand lead me far.


Final album by Spackle. Recorded Easter weekend 1997 and released in September of the same year.
Andrew Lund: guitars, piano, acoustic guitars, vocals, lyrics
Ian Swanke: guitars, piano
Will Dyer: bass guitar
Matt Ashleigh: drums


released September 1, 1997

(c)1997 Carpal Tunnel Music (BMI)
(p)1997 King of Sticks Recording Cooperative


all rights reserved



Spackle San Francisco, California

Formed in San Francisco in 1992 by Andrew Lund and Ian Swanke. Scot Callis played drums thru 1996, then Matt Ashleigh took over. Will Dyer joined on bass in 1994 and played on all recordings. The band dissolved in 1997.

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